Hello Everyone---This page is to let you know

                                         "What Is Happening"

This site began in April 2006 with the idea to make available to interested parties the accumulation of research that had been
collected about a particular branch of the Nino Ladron de Guevara family. And as some of you may remember the site began
with a nice impact with the "About Us" page and about the cornerstone of "The Guevara Story," Ygnacio, taking him through
the 1850 census. Occasionally the site was updated, somewhat, especially about Ygnacio and his son, Placido, both serving in
the Union Army during the Civil War. But there was quite a lull for a few years due to various reasons. One reason is that time
was spent submitting stories of four Guevaras to the Lincoln County Historical Society for a book to be published.

Now the time has come to get along with this terrific story. The story about Ygnacio was finished recently, at least finished to
the point of what we know about him at this time. Yet we hope that the story may never be finished, hoping for new
information to surface.

The story about Ygnacio's parents, Jose Maria and Guadalupe, is finished. And as in the case of the Ygnacio story, we hope
that the story may never be finished. Ygnacio had six siblings that we know about, and so far there is only information about
his sister, Dolores. The search will continue for more information about the other siblings and perhaps more about his parents.
The next story will be about Placido, which should be, excluding his father, the most eventful and interesting of the Guevara

      Family Reunion       
The descendants of Peter and Ethel Gumm had a family reunion August 15 at St. Clair Shores, a suburb of Detroit. About 100
people attended the function. Four generations were in attendance. Ethel was the great granddaughter of Ygnacio and daughter
of Lorenzo and Maximiliana Guebara. She married Peter at Carrizozo, N.M. in 1917. The couple moved to New Orleans and
later to Detroit. Ten children were born to the couple. Ethel passed away in 1984, Peter died  years earlier.

Stay tuned and if there are questions or if you would like material published you have our email addresses.

There also will be a section about Guevaras (living of course) in "Folks to Meet," so if you would like to submit a
few paragraphs and perhaps a picture, it would help make this site more interesting. Don't be bashful, folks want to
meet you.

                                                  Mary Ann McGrath
++Mary Ann passed away Dec. 8, 2010 at Harrisburg, PA. She was the granddaughter of Mercedes
++Guevara-Letcher. She had many interests including genealogy on the Letchers and Guevaras. She is
++survived by daughters Leah McGrath, Susan Brennan, Col. John McGrath, M.D.and 9 grandchildren.
++She rests at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Annville, PA with husband John McGrath, CW4,
++who passed  away in 1996.