Small print above says: The first blocks of houses here were built about 1300. Evidence also shows that
the town stood empty from about 1400 to the 1500s. And there was a flurry of new construction shortly
before the Spaniards arrived in the early 1600s.
Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion de Quarai Mission, constructed in the early 1600s, and
neglected and vandalized over time, is still a beautiful, imposing structure that when initially seen takes
one's breath away. The redness of the sandstone material contrasts with the countryside to add to the
Did the Guevaras feel awed by the structure that they must have visited?
This view shows the approximate height of the beautiful
structure, which is about 40 feet. It's one of 3 mission
churches in the general area referred to as the Salinas
Pueblo Missions National Monument.
The small print says: Quarai had a very good church, organ and choir (and) . . . 658 souls under its
 Franciscan report of 1656