A Missouri Plaza homesite appears to have two rooms. Did the Placido Guevara family live there?
Note the adobe brick.                                                                                                                                                        Photo by N.J. Hall
This is another view of a home at Missouri Plaza. The forge was in the upper right hand corner of
the second room. Did the Lalones live there?                                                                 
Photo by N.J. Hall
An aerial view of Missouri plaza shows the road with foundations of the houses on either side.
The circular object was a corral.                                                                         
Photo by Reddoch Studio
This is another view of the corral area. The person in the background helps give a perspective
on the size of the project, which utilized rocks and dirt as implied in the photos. It was quite
and undertaking and probably never completely finished.      
Historical Center for Southeastern N.M. Archives
X spot right of Casey's Mill on the Rio Hondo is  site of Missouri Plaza.