+Cedarvale Cemetery, White Oaks, N.M. is located on the right side before entering the town
+using Highway 349 from the Carrizozo direction.
+Guebaras are resting at the far end. Some distant monuments are visible
+under the "VA" in "CEDARVALE."
+Monuments that are in the Guevara family extend for about fifty feet, from
+Tecla near the tree to Samuel on the right, and total six so far. There
+should be at least three more burials---someplace. Part of White Oaks is
+in the background.
+Kathryn visits with some of her ancestors.
Cedarvale Cemetery, White Oaks, New Mexico
+Felis Guebara---Born Oct. 20,1859--
+Died Dec. 30, 1930.
+Perhaps her birth year is earlier.
+Salomon Guebara---Born Aug. 13, 1906--
+Died June 13, 1944.
+Mrs. T. G. aka Maximiliana Bilderais-Torres-Guebara. She
+was born Jan. 12, 1875 in Rio Bonito and died May 3, 1913.
+She was the wife of Lorenzo Guebara.
+Grandmother Tecla Sisneros, Born
+about 1839, Died Jan. 2, 1908.
Folks, this page will be an ongoing project. As you can see the Guebara section of the
cemetery needs some more attention. Some work was done recently and 3 monuments
were cleaned and identified. One was a Guevara, Maximiliana. Hopefully, more
monuments will be visible when some more cleaning and investigating occurs. If some
Guevaras appear we'll post the images on this site.
                                                          Stay Tuned