A Niño Ladrón Connection

By Kathryn Peralta and Charles Hayes

Music by Arturo Antonio Guevara

In Memoriam
Mary Kathryn Peralta

The Lorenzo Story Was Recently Completed and Published
The Story About Ygnacio's and Placido's Military Service
Is Finished and Published
The story is a link. Go to either Ygnacio or Placido stories and see
bold paragraphs about their military involvement. Then click on
Union Army.
This website began publication in early 2006 and it worked fine for
about eight years before some of the text became unreadable on
Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the main search engine.
The best
browser at th
e time was Yahoo's Firefox. Letters to Yahoo yielded
no response.
Google's browser Chrome and Apple's browser
were okay. I thought that when Microsoft began using Edge  
that it  would improve, but not so. Now nothing works.

There was no activity on the site for about four years for various
reasons, mainly due to Kathryn's passing. I'll see if I can fix the
situation. Email me if you have any questions.

Hope You Enjoy the Stories